Why replace pumps?

The most common answer to "why replace a pump?" is usually “because the old pump is broken!". However, there are many more reasons why you should change your pump sooner rather than later … 
It could eliminate pump failure
If you know that the pump you are currently using has seen better days, then it can be a good idea to find a replacement before the old pump stops working completely. Not only will this save time but money too!

It could be incompatible with new equipment
Older pumps don’t have the tech compatibility that newer pumps do. New equipment or business protocols may require later pump models in order to improve efficiency.

Save money
It can be much more economically beneficial to replace an unregulated pump with a pump that works more effectively. Around 90% of today’s installed pumps are outdated and inefficient. Wilo’s products, on the other hand, are modern and highly efficient. Globally, the replacement of obsolete technology with the latest generation of Wilo pumps could save up to 246 Terawatt hours – saving energy means saving money too!

Adapt to new needs
The flow requirement may have changed since the existing pump was installed and therefore a replacement pump is needed. However, in these cases we recommend that you contact Wilo Customer Support (can we embed a link?) as the replacement recommendations in the Pump Exchange are based on hydraulic performance in accordance with the existing pump.
Anmodning om manglende pumpe