Why exchange the pump?

There might be many reasons for a pump exchange:

The obvious answer to the question "why change the pump?" is "because the old pump is broken!". This is of course the most common cause but there are also some other strong reasons for a proactive pump change.
Other reasons may be, for example, that the old pump is not compatible with new equipment and in the event of a request for communication via bus protocols for superior real estate automation.

Pump operating economy:
We also know that it can be economically viable to replace a pump that works, this applies primarily to unregulated pumps.
An important aspect is also to eliminate the risk of a pump failure, if you know that the pump you are currently using is getting worn out then it can be a good and profitable idea to find a replacement before the old pump stops working.

Changed pump needs:
Another reason may be that the flow requirement has changed since the existing pump was installed, in these cases we recommend that you contact Wilo Customer Support as the replacement proposals in the Pump Plots are based on hydraulic performance in accordance with the existing pump.
Anmodning om manglende pumpe